Deep Clean Your Living Room

The living room is the most used room in a home. Whether you live in a house or apartment, this is the place you sit with your family and friends, chatting, playing, eating, watching TV or listening to music, & working from home. With all this traffic & activity, your living room needs a lot of attention when it comes to cleaning!

The frequency of cleaning your living room depends on whether you have the habit of eating in there – in this case cleaning surfaces and vacuuming the floor twice a week would be good a good idea, as food particles attract bugs and other critters, and are the perfect hosts for many types of bacteria. The cleaning of your table with antibacterial detergent is essential after each meal. Also make sure to clean your desk and especially keyboard if you eat while working on the computer.

To have a really deep clean of your living room and home, you can book First Choice Maids, or do it yourself.

Start with dusting all surfaces. If you haven’t done that in a really long time, you may vacuum the window ledges and curtains/blinds first, carefully not to damage them, using the proper vacuum cleaner attachment. Clean the cobwebs, again using your vacuum. Dust and polish all furniture, fixtures (including chandeliers), window and picture frames, sculptures and hanging artwork, and all your nick-knacks.

Then clean the windows – first the frames. Use a step ladder if the highest parts of the windows are out of reach.  If the window frames and ledges are wooden, try using furniture polish, if this isn't working, clean them with soapy water with non scratching sponge, dry well and then polish.

For PVC window frames, again use soapy water or non abrasive bathroom cleaner, applying with a sponge and dry well after cleaned.

Metal window frames which haven’t been painted over could be cleaned with soapy water and sponge and must be very well dried after cleaning.

When there is mold on windows and frames, try a sponge soaked in soapy water, scrubbing well. If this isn’t helping, you can clean with a small quantity of bleach. Be extremely cautious when using bleach, use gloves and eye protection. Make sure to clean with bleach only when there really is no other option as using this detergent often makes the paint surfaces get yellow with time.

The easiest way to clean the windows & mirrors is with glass cleaner and a microfiber cloth. If you’d like them particularly shiny, clean them with cloth, soaked in soapy water and polish them with rumpled newspaper sheets, the ink from the pages helps to achieve incredible results.

After the dust & cobwebs are gone, and windows are cleaned, do the upholstered furniture. Fabric covered sofas and chairs should be vacuumed, including underneath the cushions. Leather covered furniture could be cleaned with special leather wipes or using other appropriate detergents. The other option is to clean the surfaces with damp microfiber cloth and, again, vacuum well under all the cushions.

Vacuum the floor, moving the furniture pieces to clean behind and underneath them, also underneath and the top of rugs (if you have any).

Wash the floor with appropriate detergent. For wooden floors use cleaning solutions with special cleaners and hot or lukewarm water. For laminate floors, you can only use very hot water with all purpose floor cleaner. Do not use detergents for wooden floors, as they contain waxes which over the time will create coating that will be difficult to clean. The wood absorbs these waxes but not the laminate floors.
If there are scuff marks on the floor, try pushing harder with the mop and after a couple of wipes it should be cleaned. If persistent, use an all purpose sponge soaked in soapy water, rubbing the mark gently and then wash again with mop.

Allow the floor to dry and enjoy your clean living room!

If all this sounds like hard work, don’t hesitate to call and book an appointment with us for a Deep Clean!


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