Step by Step

Cleaning is chore that takes up considerable amount of our free time. Still, this doesn’t mean that you have to devote your entire free time that you have on cleaning. You can do the cleaning chores that took so much of your free time but quicker thanks to some special tips and bits of advice shared by professionals in this field.
There are certain steps that professional maids and cleaning experts use that can guarantee them the quickest cleaning but without sacrificing the results. These steps are just few common sense tips that everybody should use when performing one-off cleaning regardless whether it is spring cleaning or deep cleaning tasks.
  • Clean from top to bottom. Like everything, the law of gravity applies to the dirt and grime as well. So when you clean the upper levels of the room there is dirt bound to fall on the lower levels and eventually end up on the floor.
  • Dust first, vacuum last. Of course, if you are dusting some part of the dust is going to end up on the floor, where it eventually is going to be vacuumed off.
  • Move from one side of the room towards the other. Choose either the left hand side of the room or the right hand side and start the cleaning from that starting point and move towards the other side of the room cleaning everything in your path. You won’t waste effort and time cleaning the same place twice or miss something while cleaning.
  • Always have the right cleaning products and tools close by. Store them in a bucket or a basket that is always at your disposal.
  • Work in a set time frame. Choose a period of time in which you have to perform the cleaning. Most maid service firms and cleaning experts use this tactic because it keeps them focused on the task at hand.