Restoring a Cultured Marble Vanity Top

After 15 years, our bathroom marbled counter top looked terrible. There was no gloss left, hard water stains all over it, and little scratches here & there! Ugh. Told my husband I'd really like to replace it.

Being the frugal and handy man he is, told me "Let me have a go at it!" He got his hi-speed buffer he uses to wax the car, then buffed the counter-top with a polishing compound. He then changed to a carnauba wax, and buffed that in.


These old bathroom countertops look better than brand new! No more hard water stains, no more scratches, and they SHINE! I've found the wax on them makes cleaning up so much easier too.

If your cultured marble countertops are looking worse for wear, give this quick technique a try!

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